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2022 Beckley Application

Are you a U.S.Citizen or have the necessary credentials required to live and work legally within the U.S.?(Required)
Is the company you currently work for based outside of West Virginia?(Required)
Do you have the ability to relocate to Beckley for at least a two-year period within the next six months without negatively affecting your employment?(Required)
This program aims to attract talent to the Beckley area to aid in the growth of the community. If selected into the program, would you be willing to serve on a volunteer group to support the growing outdoor recreation community and asset development?(Required)
We are building this program for individuals who have an existing stable income. Will you be able to provide proof of employment, length of employment, and level of income?(Required)
*Evidence of employment and income will be required for acceptance to our program.
Are you able to work remotely?(Required)
Do you currently reside outside of the state of West Virginia?(Required)
Would you be willing to share your acceptance into the program on your LinkedIn Profile?(Required)
What is your experience with Beckley, WV and the New River Gorge?(Required)
(Check all that apply)
What is your current employment status?(Required)
How did you find out about the Beckley Program?(Required)
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What is the highest level of education you have completed?(Required)
Are you from WV or are any of your relatives?(Required)
What are some things that are important or of interest to you?(Required)
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What is your age?(Required)